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Elementary Post-Season Championships

This page and the links below provide information regarding's District, State, National, and International Championships at the elementary level. Please note that the term "state" as used on this page may refer to a state, territory, province, or any analogous subnational jurisdiction. Also note that for purposes of our contest, Northern California and Southern California will be treated as two completely distinct states at all levels of competition.

At all District, State, and US National Championships, team awards will be announced in two divisions: Division 5 will consist of schools that do not have a sixth grade, and Division 6 will consist of schools that do have a sixth grade. Although qualifying meets might not distinguish between divisions in presenting awards, teams will only be ranked against teams in their own division when determining post-season qualifiers. The division a student's school is in will have no impact on individual rankings at any level of competition.

How to qualify for the District Championship (for schools in Missouri, Northern California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida)

How to qualify for the State Championship (for schools in the US)

How to qualify for the US National Championship (for schools in the US)

How to qualify for the National Championship (for schools outside the US)

How to qualify for the International Championship (for schools outside the US)

Students may only attend a post-season contest (District, State, National, or International Championship) if they qualify according to the rules linked above. You can evaluate your students' eligibility for the next level of competition by going to our results section and selecting the appropriate contest(s). Please note that due to the fact that there are multiple paths to qualify for some post-season championships, it is almost inevitable that someone who qualified for the next level will show up lower in the rankings for some metric than someone who didn't qualify for the next level. This does not mean the system made a mistake in calculating the results; it just means that the student who is listed as qualified must have qualified on some other event. Imagine if a baseball league selected an All-Star squad based on the top 20% of home run leaders and the top 20% of stolen base leaders. The person who hits a home run every at-bat will show up at the bottom of the stolen base rankings but will definitely make the All-Star squad. Just because someone shows up higher than that player on the stolen base list but didn't make the All-Star squad doesn't mean there was a mistake.

Confirmation of each school's qualifiers will be emailed to the coach for that school several weeks before the championship meet. It is not necessary to wait for this confirmation to register your students for the championship if you have verified that the students are eligible to compete according to the instructions linked above.
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