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Elementary District Championships

Some states have a much larger number of participants than others, and in order to keep the State Championship to a manageable size, the state is broken into districts. In these states, students must attend a District Championship in order to qualify for the State Championship. For the 2021-2022 school year, the states with District Championships are Arizona, Northern California, Florida, Missouri, and Texas.

Only students or teams who attain a high enough score at one of the qualifying rounds may compete at the District Championship. Students may only sign up for the District Championship for the district where their school is physically located (see below for a list of districts). In order to qualify for the District Championship a student must participate in an elementary qualifying round (either a local contest or the in-school qualifying test) during the school year and do any one of the following:

  • Earn at least 50% of the available points on any of the individual tests or the individual total score.
  • Score strictly higher than 80% of the other participants in his or her grade at that contest on any of the individual tests or the individual total score.
  • Participate on a team that scores either at least 50% of the available points or strictly higher than 80% of the other teams in the school's division at that contest on the team test.
District playoffs will be held in March or April and will use the test release number that ends in 27. Click here for the list where district playoff sites will be posted as they are confirmed. Below are the states where we hold district playoffs. Click on the links below to see the map of districts for each state. Note that reserves the right to adjust district boundaries between two adjacent districts in the interest of fairness if one district ends up with more than three times as many qualifiers as the other.

Arizona (click here for map)

  • Southern Arizona (Green counties on map)
  • Northern Arizona (Pink counties on map)
  • Phoenix (Blue region on map: City of Phoenix)
  • Mesa (Orange region on map: Maricopa County east of Phoenix and I-17 and north of I-10)
  • West County (Purple region on map: All of Maricopa County not in the Phoenix or Mesa Districts)

Northern California (click here for map)

  • Centro (Blue counties on map)
  • Silicon Valley (Green counties on map)
  • Golden Gate (Brown counties on map)
  • East Bay (Purple counties on map)
  • Sacramento (Pink counties on map)

Florida (click here for map)

  • Panhandle (Green and gray counties on map)
  • Tampa (Orange and brown counties on map)
  • Orlando (Purple counties on map)
  • South Florida (Pink and blue counties on map)

Missouri (click here for map)

  • Northwest (Pink counties on map)
  • Northeast (Blue counties on map)
  • Central (Brown counties on map)
  • Southwest (Green counties on map)
  • Southeast (Purple counties on map)
  • St. Louis (St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County)

Texas (click here for map)

  • North Texas (Brown, blue, and pink counties on map)
  • Central Texas (Gray counties on map)
  • East Texas (Purple counties on map including the part of Harris County east of I-45)
  • Gulf (Orange counties on map including the part of Harris County west of I-45)
  • Rio Grande (Green counties on map)
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