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The Membership

What is a membership?

The membership is basically a registration that allows us to make sure we have current and correct information about your school in our database, as well as a primary contact person (the school's Sponsor) whom we can communicate with. We must have a membership form for the current school year on file for any school attended by students who register for our contests.

For a membership, simply ensure a membership form with all of your school information is on file for the current school year. More information is available below.

Schools with a membership may participate in our qualifying contests at whatever age level the membership form specified. Schools that will have students compete in multiple age levels (eg. Elementary and Middle School) will need to have a membership at each age level.

How much does a membership cost?

Due to the ongoing economic effects of the pandemic, we will be waiving all school membership fees for the 2020-2021 school year, which means that students need only pay the registration fees for each contest they attend (including the In-School Round) and do not have to worry about the $40 school membership fee we have charged in the past. We will continue to offer one full team of free in-school contest registrations to Title I schools that notify us of their status on their membership form, and we will extend the same offer to all schools in Africa as well.

How does my school become a member?

  • Read our rules for your school classification (elementary school, middle school, high school) to ensure that your school is actually a school. For example, after-school programs, tutoring centers, or community organizations are not schools, and imposes serious sanctions for individuals and schools who fraudulently misrepresent what school a student attends.

  • Check to see whether your school already has a membership for this year. If the system shows no memberships from your state and classification (Elementary, Middle, High), that does not mean our system is not working. It just means that, like you, everyone else is waiting until the last minute to sign up!

  • If no one from your school has done so already, fill out our membership form to create your free membership. Pay attention to the part about what it means to be a Sponsor and make sure you are willing and eligible to accept the responsibility to be your school's Sponsor.

  • Once the In-School Test is ready to be released your school's Sponsor will receive an email with instructions for registering your students for the In-School Test. After you register and pay for your students the Sponsor will receive an email containing this year's Contest Problem Set for your school classification, along with instructions for administering these tests to students in your own school. If you would like to sign up students for the In-School Contest, you can do so by paying a fee of $5 per student for each student. We expect the In-School tests to be released by November 15 for Middle School, December 15 for Elementary School, and January 15 for High School. The deadline for submitting In-School Contest entries will be January 15 for Middle School, February 15 for Elementary School, and March 15 for High School. [update: for the 2020-2021 school year, all deadlines for In-School Test submissions are March 15]

  • If you have any technical difficulties with the membership process, please contact us via email at
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