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mathleague.org is partnering with Alpha Star Academy's A-Star program this year to provide training and practice space for our students. Thanks to A-Star for it's support.

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ARML 2018 Information - Northern California and San Francisco Bay Area


Withdrawing from the team
Registering and paying for ARML represents your commitment to participate in the competition. As such, all ARML fees are normally non-refundable after April 9th. However, a partial refund may be available if another student replaces you on the team. You are responsible for finding your own replacement.

If you find yourself needing to withdraw from the competition, you must notify the coaching staff promptly in writing via email to arml@mathleague.org, clearly stating your intent to withdraw. Follow the instructions below, depending on how late in the season you are withdrawing:

Before April 15th: Notify the coaches in writing (arml@mathleague.org) by noon Pacific time on April 15th. Since you are withdrawing early, you will receive a full refund of fees paid, minus a $20 processing fee.

Between April 15th and May 1st: Notify the coaches in writing (arml@mathleague.org) of your withdrawal and the name of your replacement, if any. If you do not have a replacement at the time you withdraw, you may name one later by the same procedure up until noon (Pacific time) on May 1st. Your replacement must pay ARML fees within 48 hours (before or after) of your email notifying us that they will be replacing you. If you find a replacement, you will receive a full refund of fees paid, minus a $20 processing fee.

After May 1st: Notify the coaches in writing (arml@mathleague.org) immediately, and we will contact you. We may be able to issue a partial refund of fees, depending on the availability of a replacement student. Replacements will be more difficult to arrange the closer we get to the contest date, so it is imperative that you inform the coaches of your decision as soon as possible.

Withdrawing from ARML, particularly after team selection begins on April 15th, will negatively affect your standing for elite team selection in future years. In addition, withdrawing without notifying the coaching staff promptly may result in you not being allowed to go to ARML at all in the future.

Please note that communication about withdrawals and replacements is ONLY accepted via email to arml@mathleague.org. Do not attempt to notify coaches in person or via phone, text message, Facebook message, postal mail, telegraph, carrier pigeon, semaphore, psychic powers, skywriting, or any other mode of communication, as these will be ignored.

Elite team selection
We plan to select two or three "elite" teams from our top performers. Elite team selection will begin on April 15th and end at the coaches’ discretion. No student will be placed on an elite team until they have registered and paid for ARML, so students registering after April 15th will be at a disadvantage.

Elite teams will be selected based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to: scores on mock contests taken at practice, past performance at ARML, present and past performance on AMC, AIME, and other national and regional contests (eg. SMT, BMT, or mathleague.org state and national contests), working well with others on practice team rounds, and team leadership. All decisions of the coaches regarding team selection are final.

We will most likely travel to ARML with a few extra students designated as alternates. These students will participate fully in ARML with a team composed of alternates from several other regions. Alternate teams may be slightly shorthanded, but ARML organizers will attempt to create teams that are as full as possible. In the event of a last-minute vacancy on one of our full teams, coaches will ask an alternate to fill the spot.

The coaching staff will choose students to be alternates a few weeks before the ARML contest. These selections will be based primarily on attendance at practices and date of registration. As with elite team selection, decisions of the coaches are final.

Permission slips
Permission slips can be submitted in two different ways:

  • Hand it to Tim Sanders or Moor Xu at practice. Do not give permission slips to any other member of the coaching staff.
  • Mail it to PO Box 622768, Oviedo FL 32762.
Permission slips must be received by May 24th. Students who are missing a permission slip after that date may lose their spot on the team with no refund.

All permission slips must be notarized. Exceptions cannot be made to this policy. Notarization can usually be done at your bank, but only during normal business hours. Please keep this in mind if you will be submitting your permission slip close to the deadline.

Practice attendance
Practices are an important part of the ARML process, particularly for the chance to work together with a full 15-member team. As a result, students who miss practices may be removed from elite teams at any time. Please see the practice information page for more details.

The default mode of transportation to and from ARML is the bus, leaving Thursday and returning Sunday. Flights will also be available, and instructions will be emailed out sometime after April 17th. A partial refund of ARML fees will be available to students who fly, provided that they follow the instructions sent to the team. These refunds may have deadlines attached to them; generally students who decide to fly at the last minute cannot receive any refund.

All students must be supervised during travel to and from ARML. Any student wishing to travel by any means other than the bus or a pre-approved flight must contact the coaching staff before booking travel.

Students and parents are responsible for getting themselves to/from the airport or bus dropoff/pickup point. We cannot make arrangements for cars to be parked overnight.

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