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ARML 2018 Information - Northern California and San Francisco Bay Area

Logistics and Travel Information

The default mode of transportation to ARML is by bus, and most students take the bus.

The bus will leave from the Bay Area (usually from the San Jose Caltrain Station) in the middle of the day on Thursday, May 31st. The bus will make a dinner stop about halfway to Las Vegas and arrive around 11 PM. After ARML, the bus will leave Las Vegas in the morning of Sunday, June 3rd, make a lunch stop on the way, and return to the Bay Area early Sunday evening. The bus is supervised by coaches from Stanford and Berkeley.

Options are usually available for students who wish to fly to ARML. There are usually 2-4 approved flights, on which students will be supervised by parent volunteers. These flights will leave very early in the morning on Friday, June 1st, and return late in the evening on Saturday, June 2nd. Flight schedules and instructions for booking will be emailed out to the team starting in mid-April (please do not ask about them until April 17th at the earliest). DO NOT book any flight unless following these instructions.

Students who fly to ARML are responsible for the cost of their airfare. However, a partial refund of ARML fees is usually available to help subsidize these costs. Instructions for booking flights will include procedures and deadlines for claiming these refunds. No refund will be given unless these instructions are followed.

Sacramento/Davis area students usually fly to ARML, unless they travel with their parents or drive to the Bay Area to catch the bus.

All students must travel via approved means to ARML. This is usually limited to the bus, an approved flight, or travel with the studentís parent or guardian. Students wishing to travel with their parents, or arrange a carpool with other students and parents, should contact the coaching staff immediately.

ARML schedule and activities
Our schedule at ARML can change from year to year as we try to improve the experience for students. However, here is a rough outline of what goes on during the trip.

Thursday: Travel to Las Vegas.
Friday morning: Team meetings/practices, lunch with your team
Friday afternoon: ARML competition begins (Team and Power rounds)
Friday evening: Free time, dinner on your own
Saturday morning: ARML competition concludes (Individual and Relay rounds); lunch provided
Saturday afternoon: ARML awards ceremony, final team meeting and awards
Saturday evening: Free time; optional activities TBA
Sunday: Return home

What to pack
Water bottle
Shampoo and toiletries
Writing instrument(s)
Board or card games if desired
Spending money (to cover 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 3 dinners)
More spending money (if desired, for ARML books and other souvenirs)
Frisbees, basketballs, etc. (if desired)

What not to pack
Calculators (they are not allowed on the competition)
Sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels (they are provided in the dorm)
Fancy electronics (due to risk of loss, theft, or damage, we recommend not bringing them)
Homework (finish it before you go, and have some fun on the trip!)
Alcohol, weapons, any illegal or dangerous items

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