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ARML 2019 Information Sheet

Students interested in representing their region at this year's national ARML contest must fill out this Information Sheet. This Information Sheet does not commit you to attending the competition, but it is a necessary first step so we can have your information on file and follow up with you about ARML this year. This form should be filled out if possible by April 14; students outside California will be notified of their status by April 27, and accepted students will need to submit a permission slip and payment by May 1. California students need to submit this form along with payment by April 14 for priority consideration regarding team placement. Any students who submit payment after May 1 can only be accepted onto the team if space is still available. Be sure to fill out as much information as you can, and to use a valid email address.

Parents and coaches who are interested in volunteering as chaperones should use this form also so that we have your contact information and preferences; please fill in any information that is relevant to you; in particular, please use the "grade" field to indicate whether you are a parent or a coach. Any parent may of course make their own lodging and transportation arrangements in Las Vegas independently of the team, but only chaperones will be allowed to stay in the dorms. Chaperones will have their travel and dorm room covered and do not need to submit payment. Please note that we will have very limited space for parent chaperones on the trip; we will contact you in late April with more information.

All fields must be answered unless otherwise specified.

Demographics (or "What, is your name?")

Last Name:
First Name:
Cell Phone Number:
Email Address:
Parent's Name (if applicant is a student; include last name if different from your own):
Parent's Email Address (if applicant is a student):
Parent's Cell Phone Number (if applicant is a student):

Math (or "What, is your quest?")

Current Math Class:
2018 AMC8 score (if applicable):
2019 AMC10 score (if applicable):
2019 AMC12 score (if applicable):
2019 AIME score (if applicable):
2018 mathleague.org state Sprint Round score (if applicable):
2018 mathleague.org state Target Round score (if applicable):
Other relevant math competition scores (list all on-site math competitions you have attended this year--other than mathleague.org events--along with your results):
How many years have you been to ARML, not counting this year (please answer with only an integer)?

Trip details (or "What, is your favorite color?")

Which team are you interested in joining?
Are you interested in applying for financial aid? Applicants for financial aid will be asked to fill out a financial aid application if funds are available
Are your parents interested in accompanying the team?
Are you interested in flying to ARML (at an additional cost) if the option becomes available?
(California only) We plan to depart for ARML on buses on Thursday morning. Would this prevent you from being able to attend ARML?
(California only) We plan to return to the Bay Area on buses on Sunday evening. Would this prevent you from being able to attend ARML?
What size t-shirt do you prefer?
Dietary requirements:
Please list any roommate preferences (we will attempt to pair up participants of the same gender who request each other as roommates):

Practices (or "Help help I'm being repressed!")

Please enter your preferred practice location:
(Wild Wild West only) Please list all dates in May when you would be UNABLE to attend an afternoon or evening practice in your preferred location:
Help us stop spam. Write the digit that is equal to two plus three:

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