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ARML 2018 Information - Northern California and San Francisco Bay Area

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to take the SAT on the same day as ARML. What do I do?
If you really, really have to take the SAT during ARML weekend (for instance, if you're a junior and haven't taken it yet), contact the coaching staff, and we will try to help you arrange an alternate testing date. That said, we would advise taking the SAT on a different date if possible. Most ARML students are of such a caliber that they probably don't need to take the SAT more than once.

How do I sign up?
Follow the instructions here.

When do I have to sign up?
Sign up by April 15th to guarantee your spot or for priority consideration for elite teams. After April 15th, we will take students on a first-come-first-served basis until approximately May 1st, or until we run out of space.

How do I sign up as a chaperone?
Follow the instructions here

I followed all the sign-up instructions and paid the fee prior to April 15. Am I accepted onto the team?
You should have received two confirmation emails: one for the Information Sheet and one for your payment. If youíve received both, welcome to the team!

How do I pay the ARML fee?
The fee can be paid online during the sign-up process. Tim Sanders will be at some practices and at the mathleague.org California State Championship on April 21 to collect payments; opportunities to hand in checks in person will be announced by email. Do not hand your check to anyone but Tim.

What if Iím not sure yet whether or not I want to go to ARML?
Fill out the Information Sheet so we can send you updates and announcements. Do not submit payment yet, as this is nonrefundable.

What if I have a conflict with part of the trip?
We plan to offer several options for students who want to fly to ARML instead of taking the bus. Students who fly depart on Friday very early in the morning and return home on Saturday evening. If you are interested in this arrangement, please see the section about flying to ARML on our travel information page. If this does not resolve your conflict, but you are still interested in traveling to ARML, contact the coaching staff. Do not book any flight to ARML until instructed to do so by the staff. Students who fly will be required to travel on certain specific flights with team chaperones.

I signed up but canít go to ARML anymore. What do I do?
Refer to the section in the Team Policies about withdrawing from the team. Your ARML fees cannot be refunded, and withdrawing may have a negative effect on your team placement in future years.

Do I really have to get the permission slip notarized?
Yes. ARML is not like your usual school field trip--students are traveling to another state for four days. We have to be extra careful with all legal precautions.

Are my contest scores good enough to attend ARML?
ARML is open to all students in Northern California, regardless of contest scores. If you want an idea of what ARML problems are like, you can find a copy of previous years' contests online at http://mathleague.org/arml.php.

Am I old enough for ARML?
SFBA/NorCal ARML is open to students of all ages (grade 12 or below). Most of our students are in grades 6-12, but younger students have joined the team in the past. Parents of students in grades 5 or below that are interested in ARML should contact the coaching staff at arml@mathleague.org for more information.

Who chaperones the trip?
Supervision during the trip is provided by a combination of Stanford and Berkeley students and parent volunteers. Students are supervised throughout the trip, including on the bus (or plane). At least two chaperones are assigned to each 15-member team.

What about flying to ARML?
We plan to offer several options for students who want to fly to ARML early Friday morning and return Saturday evening. Students will have a short list of approved flights to choose from, and a team chaperone will travel on each approved flight. You are responsible for the cost of the plane ticket and transportation to and from the airport. However, we may be able to offer a partial refund of ARML fees to students who fly. More instructions--including approved flights, booking instructions, and deadlines--will be emailed out to the team in late April. If you are interested in flying to ARML, complete the sign-up process first so you can reserve your spot and receive e-mail updates on flights. If your ability to attend depends heavily on the availability of a particular flight, contact the coaching staff before paying ARML fees. Do not book any flight until you receive further instructions from the staff.

I want to travel separately to ARML with my parents. What do I do?
Contact the coaching staff. All students MUST be supervised during travel, so any student not traveling on the bus or an approved flight must be dropped off and picked up in Las Vegas by a parent or guardian. Students who travel separately are usually not eligible for any refund of ARML fees.

What happens at ARML besides the contest?
Students arrive Thursday evening. Team meetings and practices are held Friday morning, followed by a few hours for students to rest and eat lunch before the competition begins. ARML sometimes holds an optional event on Friday night; students either attend this event, hang out in the dorm with their teammates, or both. After the contest on Saturday, chaperones usually take students to do a bit of sightseeing in Las Vegas, and the coaching staff puts on a casino-game activity (with play money and small prizes) later. The team departs early Sunday morning.

What about t-shirts?
As is ARML tradition, we design a team t-shirt every year. Students (and chaperones!) are invited to submit designs for the t-shirt, which will be voted on by the entire team. Detailed instructions will be sent out by email, but plan to have your design ready by April 15th.

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