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Online Contest Prize Selection

The following information applies only to contests that were not run by one of our partners. If your contest was run by one of our partners, you will need to follow up with the partner that ran the contest to find out information about prizes.

All students who attended an eligible contest, qualified for the next level of competition, and placed among the top 20 students in their grade level may request a downloadable certificate that lists what place you got at the contest, plus ONE selection from the list of prizes below. Please review the following options and email us at customercare@mathleague.org WITHIN TWO WEEKS of your contest date to let us know which prize you would like to select. Any prizes not claimed within two weeks of the contest date will be turned into a Scholarship Fund donation as described in the final prize bullet point. In your email, please indicate the name of the student and the student's ID number from the contest. We will do our best to deliver your prize as quickly as possible. Feel free to contact us again if you selected a prize other than a trophy and have not received your prize within a week of selecting it.

Secrets of Mental Math

The Joy of x

Proofs in Competition Math: Volume 1

Proofs in Competition Math: Volume 2

The Stanford Mathematics Problem Book

  • Choice of one electronic book from the list above (please specify which book, and let us know if you have additional suggestions for appropriate books we can add to this list); please note that Amazon will only distribute some books to users inside the US, so please take this into consideration when selecting this as a prize
  • Choice of any single Contest Problem Set from mathleague.org's online store; click here for a list of Contest Problem Sets (please specify the five-digit release number of the test you choose)
  • Free registration to any session of The AfterMath; click here for a schedule of upcoming sessions (please specify the five-digit release number of the test you choose; you will be enrolled in both sessions for that test)
  • Free registration to any upcoming mathleague.org qualifying round in the next 12 months that is not run by one of our partners (no need to specify which contest; we will add your credit to our database and you may let us know later which contest you wish to use the credit for)
  • A donation of THREE free contest registrations to students in Africa or students who attend school on a US Indian Reservation (your prize will enable three students in these areas to compete at a qualifying or championship round for free; registrations will be awarded in order to students in these areas who request them, and will roll over to next year if not claimed)
  • A free Full Relay Subscription for the current school year; click here for more details about the Relay Subscription
  • 50% off registration to any Number Sense Challenge; click here for more details about the Number Sense Challenge (please specify which Challenge you wish to sign up for)
  • A $100 credit that may be applied toward the registration fee for any single mathleague.org online class or class recording valued at $150 or more that the student has not yet signed up for (only one credit may be used per class, but you do not need to specify which class when selecting the prize; we will add your credit to our database and you may let us know later which class you wish to use the credit for)
  • IF you placed in the top 5 individual totals in your grade in a US qualifying round or competed at a District or State Championship: A physical trophy that specifies the date and type of contest and what place you earned (please note that trophies will take several weeks to ship, and trophies are not available as prizes for any contest listed as an Open Enrollment Online contest)
  • A $5 donation to the Mathleague Productions Scholarship Fund, which funds scholarships for students at the US National Championships. Please note that if you decline to select a prize we will select this prize for you.
Again, please select ONE prize: choose which bullet point you want a prize from and then, if relevant, choose which book or test you want.

For the eligible state championships, we will be sending out trophies to the following high scoring schools. Trophies will be sent to the sponsor of record for the school:

  • Any high school that scores 200 points or more on sweepstakes
  • Any middle school that scores 40 points or more on sweepstakes or is first place in their state with a score of 20 points or more on sweepstakes
  • Any elementary school that scores 200 points or more on sweepstakes

If you attended a Practice Contest, US National Championship, or International Championship, there is no next level to qualify for, but we are still awarding prizes for those contests. We will be in touch with your school sponsor or national coordinator to arrange for delivery of your prizes; please follow up with your school sponsor or national coordinator if you have any questions. Attempts to claim a prize from the list above will be ignored.

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