Current special: Order custom decks for a whole school team for only $99 including shipping! This package includes one school deck, one teacher deck, and four student decks, plus we'll throw in a deck of Math League Cats as well and donate $10 to the cat sanctuary in Bali. Order below and we will follow up with details for how to get us the information needed to make your decks. All six custom decks must be affiliated with the same school to take advantage of this special. Act now; this special is subject to close at any time!

From time to time specialty cards are available for collection by mathleague.org/cards players at in-person math contests run by mathleague.org staff. Bring your complete starter deck or purchase one at the contest and staff will give you one of the specialty cards. You may be required to allow our staff to mark one of your starter deck cards to ensure each player gets one card. Upcoming promotions are listed below:
  • January 26 through February 26, 2024 - Pick up our Brown v Board of Education card to celebrate Black History Month and commemorate the 70th anniversary of the landmark decision integrating schools in the US
  • March 29 through April 29, 2024 - Attend one of our District or State Championships during this window to find out the mathematical joke on the April Fools 2024 card
  • April through June, 2024 - Attend one of the US National Championships to pick up one of the Nationals 2024 cards
  • July 2024 - Attend the International Championship in Bali to pick up one of the Internationals 2024 cards

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mathleague.org/cards is the exciting and versatile collectible card system developed by mathleague.org. Have you ever imagined having your own picture on a trading card just like all the pro sports players have? Well now you can! Order your own custom card deck and trade your cards with other students, teachers, and even mathleague staff members. Just like baseball cards, your cards will contain statistics including your contest medal count and individual round high score. You can order custom decks for students, teachers, or schools. Custom decks contain 54 cards (there is no double-zero wild card in a custom deck) and sell for $19.99 plus a flat shipping/handling fee of $5 no matter how many custom decks are ordered. Once you have paid for your card deck over Paypal, you will need to fill out this form to send us the details we need to create your deck. Please allow at least one month for your custom deck to arrive (or contact us to inquire about expedited processing charges); the company that prints the cards for us offers amazing quality but takes a long time to process orders.

mathleague.org has also developed a card game you can play using these cards. A starter deck contains everything you need to begin playing the game, and you can enhance your gameplay by strategically replacing cards in the starter deck with custom cards you have ordered or traded for. You can find the rules for the game here. Starter decks can also be used to play any game that uses a standard 52-card deck or a game of double-nine dominoes, and over 1/3 of the cards in a starter deck contain mathematical theorems and formulas you may find useful. Starter deck artwork was created by Sami Li Studios with graphic design by mathleague.org staff. Starter decks contain 55 cards and sell for $19.99; you can buy a starter deck at some in-person contests, or order as many as you like here and we'll mail them to your US address for a flat shipping/handling fee of $5.

Finally, we have partnered with a non-profit dedicated to providing food and medical care to cats on the island of Bali, Indonesia, and we have created a deck of Math League Cats cards to help raise funds for the non-profit. Ernisyah, our business manager, runs a cat sanctuary in Bali supported by the non-profit with the help of several volunteers including most of our Indonesia-based staff. At any given time the sanctuary houses around 20-30 cats, many of whom were abandoned as kittens and struggle with lifelong skeletal, vision, and respiratory issues. We will be contributing $10 to the non-profit for each Math League Cats deck that is purchased. The Math League Cats deck is a full deck of 55 identically-named STAFF cards, and each card contains the picture and name of a different cat that the sanctuary volunteers have cared for. The deck can be used to play standard card games or double-nine dominoes just like a starter deck, and cards from this deck may be swapped into your deck like you would with any other custom or specialty cards. Just like custom and starter decks, the price is $19.99 per deck plus a flat $5 shipping/handling fee, but when you click above to place an order, you will find that you may enter your own price in case you would like to customize your contribution to the non-profit. If you enter an amount less than $19.99 per deck, we will consider the full purchase price a donation and will contribute the entire purchase price to the non-profit without sending you a deck of cards. If you enter $19.99 per deck, we will send you the number of decks you ordered and contribute $10 per purchased deck to the non-profit. If you enter more than $19.99 per deck, we will send you the number of decks you ordered and contribute $10 per purchased deck to the non-profit along with whatever purchase amount exceeds $19.99 per deck.

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