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ARML 2022 Information - Northern California and San Francisco Bay Area


Withdrawing from the team
Submitting payment for ARML represents a commitment to attend with your team. If you need to withdraw from the team after submitting payment, notify the coaching staff (arml-info@lists.berkeley.edu) immediately. We may or may not be able to issue a partial refund, depending on how late in the season it is and whether or not we are able to replace you with another student.

Withdrawing from ARML, particularly after elite team selection begins, will negatively affect your standing for elite team selection in future years. In addition, withdrawing without notifying the coaching staff promptly may result in you not being allowed to go to ARML at all in the future.

Please note that communication about withdrawals and replacements is ONLY accepted via email to arml-info@lists.berkeley.edu. Do not attempt to notify coaches in person or via phone, text message, social media, or any other mode of communication, as these will be ignored.

Please see the bottom of this page for information about withdrawing from the team in the event you test positive for COVID within one week of the start of the ARML trip.

ARML Local
ARML Local will be held the weekend of April 23rd and 24th; we will participate as part of that weekend's practice. Participation is expected for students interested in being selected for elite teams, but is otherwise optional. All students from our region who are eligible to participate in ARML Local may do so with our team, regardless of whether they have submitted the Information Sheet or paid any fees. No fee is required for students to participate in ARML Local through our organization.

Elite team selection
We plan to select two or three "elite" teams from among our top performers. Elite team selection will begin around the time of our first practice and end at the coaches' discretion. No student will be placed on an elite team until they have registered and paid for ARML, so students registering after practices start will be at a disadvantage.

Elite teams will be selected based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to: scores on designated optional tryouts, past performance at ARML, present and past performance on AMC, AIME, and other national and regional contests (eg. SMT, BMT, or mathleague.org state and national contests), working well with others on practice team rounds, and team leadership. All decisions of the coaches regarding team selection are final.

Practices are an important part of the ARML process, particularly for the chance to work together with a full 15-member team. As a result, students who miss practices may be removed from elite teams at any time. Please see the practice information page for more details. Fees are required only if a student intends to participate in the ARML competition. No fee is required for students to participate in practices through our organization.

COVID Policy
We are proceeding with plans to attend ARML in person in Las Vegas, and you should only join the team if you are comfortable with the idea of participating in an event like this and understand and accept the risks involved. If the COVID situation in general gets significantly worse, we will adjust as needed; we appreciate your flexibility and understanding, and in the unlikely event things get bad enough that we have to cancel the trip to Las Vegas we will give students the option to back out with a full refund. If *your* COVID situation gets worse - in other words you test positive anytime after May 26 - we ask that you send us a copy of your test results (from a testing facility that provides such documentation) and we will refund your fees and cancel your registration. In the absence of one of these two scenarios our normal withdrawal policy will remain in effect (see above).

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