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Joining the Team - Logistics and Travel - FAQ - Practices - Policies

ARML 2022 Information - Northern California and San Francisco Bay Area

Joining the Team

There are four steps to joining the SFBA/NorCal ARML team. If you are interested in going to ARML, complete all four steps:

1. Fill out the Information Sheet.
Fill out this form if you have any interest at all in ARML. It does not commit you to coming to ARML, nor does it reserve your spot on the team. Once you fill out the form, we will add you to the team email list, where we will send details about practices and important updates about the competition. Do this before paying ARML fees.

2. Read the FAQ and Policies.
Read the policy section carefully, as you will be required to agree to it when paying fees. You may skim the FAQ section if you are already familiar with how ARML works.

3. Pay the ARML fee.
The $440 ARML fee is non-refundable and represents your commitment to attending ARML. You cannot be placed on a team until you have paid. You have two options for submitting your payment:
1. Pay online using this link.
2. Mail a check for $440 (made out to Math League), to Math League, PO Box 622768, Oviedo FL 32762; this check must be *received* by April 27.

4. Fill out the permission slip; have your parents sign and notarize it.
Permission slips can be submitted in two different ways:
1. Hand it to Moor Xu at a practice. Do not give permission slips to any other member of the coaching staff.
2. Mail it to Math League, PO Box 622768, Oviedo FL 32762.
Permission slips must be *received* by May 23rd. Students who are missing a permission slip after that date may lose their spot on the team with no refund.

We expect that all students who complete steps 1, 2, and 3 by April 27th will be able to participate at ARML. After April 27th, students will be added to the team on a first-come-first-served basis, and our ability to add new students may end at any time.

Coaches and Parent Volunteers
If you are an adult (parent, teacher, college student, etc.) interested in helping run practices or chaperoning the ARML trip, fill out the Information Sheet. DO NOT PAY ANY FEES at this time. Coaching staff will contact you with more information.

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