Test Review Information

If you feel your test was graded incorrectly or that you were incorrectly excluded from the qualifiers list at one of our contests - or if you are simply unsure how our scoring or qualification processes work - please read the following information. If you still feel your test warrants a formal review, you can request one at the bottom of this page.

Most questions people have regarding scoring can be resolved without assistance; you will likely need the following documents, all of which you should have access to by the end of the month in which the contest takes place if not sooner:

  • Your student's answer sheet - If you were at an in-person contest, you were given a chance either to collect your student's papers at the end of the contest or to get the contact information of the school representative who collected your student's papers. If you were at an online contest, you were shown a confirmation screen when you submitted your answers and reminded to save a copy of your answers.
  • The answer key - If your email address was given to us when you registered, you should have been emailed a copy of the answer key within a month after the contest occurred.
  • The student's score report - Depending on the student's age level, this is available at our Elementary School, Middle School, or High School portal. The score report contains a list of which questions the student got right and wrong on each test as well as the student's score on each test.
By using these documents you should be able to get a comprehensive view of which questions the student got right and wrong and whether our system graded each item correctly. You can then refer to our Elementary School, Middle School, or High School test descriptions page for instructions on how scores are calculated.

You can find out everything you need to determine whether a student qualified for the next level at our Elementary School, Middle School, or High School postseason information page.

If you still wish to request further assistance, please fill out the form below and submit a $10 deposit. Our staff will reach out to you within 24 hours to initiate a dialogue addressing the issue; please be prepared to respond to our email with the student's ID and confirmation numbers from the contest along with a clear description of what the issue is. Once we receive your deposit, there are a number of things we can help you with depending on what your concern is:

  • We can explain the scoring or qualification process in further detail including an explanation for why your student did or did not qualify for the next level (note that we do not explain why other students did or did not qualify as your $10 fee will only apply to the student whose ID number you provide us).
  • We can review the scoring of your student's test(s) and either correct any mistakes we have made or provide a thorough explanation of why our records are correct (note that if we have made a mistake your $10 deposit will be refunded in full along with our sincere apologies).
  • In some cases we can fix mistakes your student made such as inadequate bubbling on the sprint round, accidental submission of online answers overriding the intended answers, or failure of team members to correctly indicate whom they were working with. Our team will review student mistakes on a case by case basis to determine whether the intent was unquestionably clear.

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If you are looking for information about why a particular question has the answer it does, we offer tutoring services where our tutors can explain how to do any of the problems you are interested in. Feel free to check out our tutoring page if you wish to purchase one or more tutoring hours. If you like you can also email media@mathleague.org with a request for us to upload a YouTube video explaining the question.

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