On-Demand Contests

General Information

Introduction - Welcome to our on-demand testing portal. On this page you will find information on how this testing mode works and links to sign up for any active on-demand contests. Our on-demand tests present an opportunity for students to take our qualifying round tests if they were unable to attend an in-person or online contest in a given month. This test mode is the successor of our in-school test concept that was offered through 2023; with on-demand testing, every qualifying round is now effectively an in-school test, so schools have much more flexibility in choosing when (and even how often) to take an in-school test. The on-demand test window starts the day after the last live contest in a given month, and students may take the tests at any time during the testing window. We do not offer prizes for our on-demand tests, but any student who scores well enough will qualify for the first round of Championship tests (District, State, or National depending on the student's age and location) under the same qualifying rules as our in-person and online contests, and the adult who registers the student will receive a PDF of the tests and solutions after the testing window is over. As with our online contests, students will compete only against other students in their own state or country, but the results page will contain a link to compare all students worldwide who took that test set.

Pricing - The cost for an on-demand test set will be $20 per student for registrations of 1 to 3 students, $15 per student for registrations of 4 to 11 students, $10 per student for registrations of 12 to 47 students, and $5 per student for registrations of 48 students or more. (Please note that this pricing is implemented per registration, so for instance if a school completes two separate registrations those will not be aggregated to get an overall discount.) In addition, schools with 100 or more participating students may purchase a site license for $500 that allows an unlimited number of students from the same school to take a single test set. For schools that purchase a site license, we also offer additional perks like awards, optional pencil-and-paper test administration, and a dedicated event number; contact us at customercare@mathleague.org for more details. Schools that participated in the 2023 in-school test will have the option to choose one qualifying round the following school year to get a legacy rate of $5 per student; this perk will continue each year as long as the school claimed the legacy rate the previous school year. All schools in Africa and all US schools that are either Title I schools or located on an Indian Reservation are eligible for free registration for a group of up to 12 students once per year; send us an email once you have registered for the contest you choose, and we will apply the free credit.

Eligibility - The system is set up to allow anyone to register, pay, and take the tests. However, only students who were eligible to take the qualifying round tests and did not already take the tests at an in-person, online, or on-demand contest will be eligible to register an official score or qualify for the Championship. Any participant who is found to have taken the tests previously or who was not eligible to attend a qualifying round because their state used that test set as a Championship round will have their score deleted from our system. No refunds will be given for any reason to a student who has accessed any of the test questions, even if that student is later found to be ineligible for participation. We strongly encourage participants to double check the release number of the test set they wish to sign up for to make sure it is not a test set they have already taken.

How the process works

[At the bottom of these instructions you will find a video that walks you through the entire process as well as links to take a practice test to familiarize yourself with the process]

Make sure you are familiar with the tests - Please click the age group of the tests you plan to take at the top of this page, and click on the "test descriptions" link to find out which tests you will be taking and what the rules, timing, and scoring are for those tests. You can also download PDF sample tests by following the instructions at the "free contest problem sets" link at the top of this page. If you have not taken a test before on our online system, we also recommend that you take a practice test as described at the end of this section.

Make sure your school is listed in our database - In order to participate in any of our contests, we need to know what school you attend. Before registering to take a test, please make sure that your school has a membership for this school year. A membership is basically just a way for us to have some information about your school and to make sure we have an adult contact to serve as the sponsor for participating students from your school. This adult sponsor can be a teacher at the school or a parent. Go to https://mathleague.org/membership.php where you can see whether your school is already a member and have your sponsor fill out the membership form if your school is not a member. This form only needs to be filled out once per year for each school.

Register for the test - Select a contest at the bottom of this page and complete the registration process and payment. Once you receive your ID number and event number and have paid for the test, you will be able to log into the test if the test window is open; if you register before the test window is open, you may log into the test once the test window opens. You must truthfully indicate what school you attend, what grade level you are in, and what your name is. Students found to have submitted false information - including selecting a school they do not actually attend - will have their scores invalidated.

Log into the online contest platform - When you are ready to start the tests, go to https://mathleague.org/onlinetestentry.php and input your last name, event number, and ID number. Select whichever test you plan to take first. Elementary school contests consist of Number Sense, Sprint, Team, and four Target rounds. Middle school contests consist of Sprint, Team, and four Target rounds. High school tests consist of Sprint, Team, four Target rounds, and five Relay rounds. Have your chaperone enter their name in the appropriate field, then click submit. You must have an adult chaperone supervising you during the test to help ensure that you understand the rules and are following the rules. Email us at customercare@mathleague.org if you encounter any difficulty logging in.

Start the test - Verify your information on the following screen: make sure your name, ID number, and event number show up along with the name of the test you are planning to take. If you wish to take the test in a language other than English AND you know that that language is available, you may select a different language. If you select a language that is not available, you will not see any questions on the test page and will need to come back to select a language that is available for the test (English is available for all tests). When you are ready to start the test, enter your event number as the password and select Go To Test. Do not enter the password until you are ready to start the test, because once you access the test for the first time, your time starts and you will not be able to get back into the test once the time is over.

Complete the test - On the following page you will see a timer and submit button at the top of the page, and the questions will appear below. For tests that are not multiple choice there will be a text box to the right of each question where you will place your answer if you wish to answer that question; you must put ONLY numbers in this box in order to receive credit. If you wish to submit answers before the timer is finished, hit the submit button at the top of the page; otherwise, if you do not submit early the test will automatically submit your answers when the timer runs out. Do not hit the back button during the test or navigate away from the page or the timer may show an incorrect value; your test will continue to be timed using our internal clock and your answers will be submitted when time is up regardless of what the timer displays on your screen. For all tests other than Number Sense, we recommend writing your answers on paper as you go along in case you encounter any technical difficulties. If you do not reach the confirmation page at the conclusion of the test, or if you encounter any other technical difficulties, please have your chaperone email us immediately with a list of your answers and a thorough explanation of what happened. We will investigate and decide on a course of action based on the circumstances.

Get ready for the next test - Once your answers are submitted you will reach a confirmation page that indicates what you submitted as an answer to each question. Your chaperone should receive an email immediately confirming your submission, but if that is not received you should save a copy of the submission page so you have a record of your answers. Once you reach this page, DO NOT hit the back button or attempt to restart the same test, because if you do it could erase the answers you already submitted and lock you out from submitting further answers. Hit the gray "here" button on the submission confirmation page to go back to the main login page where you can select the next test and repeat the process until you've taken all tests for your age group. You are not required to take all the tests that are available, but any tests you wish to take must be completed by the last date in the testing window (this date is indicated below and also shows up in your confirmation email).

Special instructions for Team and Relay - Please note that you may take the Team test (and Relay if you are a high school student) by yourself, but if you plan to team up with other students from your school you will need to arrange to take the test at the same time and designate a team captain who will submit the answers for your team. Each team member should select the appropriate radio button to indicate whether they are the team captain or a non-captain team member. Non-captains will not have their answers auto-submitted at the end of the timer, and they must not submit answers manually or else they will override the team assignment in our system. Captains should indicate their answers in the text boxes and may either submit answers early or wait for the system to auto-submit the answers.

Information video and practice test - Click here to see a video walkthrough of the entire process. If you would like, you may sign up to take a free practice test at the elementary, middle, or high school level. Students who have not taken a test on our online system are highly encouraged to take a practice test before attempting the real thing. Please note that the practice test will resemble the real test in all regards, including the registration process which will send you a link for how to pay for the test, but DO NOT pay for the test. You can ignore the payment prompt and just log in and take the test for free.

Upcoming On-Demand test opportunities

Click on one of the age levels below to find out which tests are available for On-Demand testing. Once you have registered for a test, you may log in and take the test any time from 3am UTC on the first day of the test window until 3am UTC on the last day of the test window. For reference please note that this time corresponds to 11am in China/Singapore/Philippines and corresponds to evening times the day before in the US.

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