2023 mathleague.org Middle School National Championship
April 15, Coco Key Resort

mathleague.org is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the eighth annual National Championship for middle school students on April 15, 2023 in Orlando, Florida. The contest will be held at Coco Key Resort. A map is available here. We recognize that some of you may be unable to travel to the contest site, so we will offer an online option to participate as well. Please see below for information about all aspects of the contest. If you need to contact us with questions that are not addressed on this page, you may email us at customercare@mathleague.org. We plan to display a picture slideshow on the projector prior to the start of the awards banquet. If you have pictures from contests this year that you would be willing to share, please email them to us at media@mathleague.org.

Once again we have bundled several items together for an all-inclusive deal of $99 to participate in the National Championship. For this fee you will receive a contest registration ($30 value), a banquet ticket ($49 value), a contest t-shirt ($20 value), a book of this year's tests ($40 value), and a 2023 Nationals mathleague totebag ($10 value), for a total value of $149. We also offer a $139 package that is identical, except for the fact that it includes two banquet tickets. For those of you who will be participating online, obviously you won't be able to enjoy the food at the banquet, but you will receive all the rest of the benefits plus we will cover the shipping cost of your t-shirt, book, totebag, and any awards you win. One notable change from last year is that students will be able to choose between this year's middle school test book and this year's high school test book; we listened to your feedback last year and decided to offer this choice because some of our students indicated they would find the high school book more relevant for future study.

We recognize that a 10am Eastern start time is very early for our West Coast participants, but it is precisely for their benefit that we're doing this. BmMT is being held at Berkeley the same day as our National Championship, and although we could not come up with a way to hold the events on different days we worked with the BmMT organizers to ensure that the times for these contests do not overlap. While we join the organizers of BmMT in encouraging our students in Northern California to choose one of these contests rather than attempting to attend both, it is important to us to ensure that it is technically possible to participate in both contests for students who don't want to have to choose between the two. [Update on April 3: We were originally told by the organizers of BmMT that their testing would start at 9:30am, and we arranged our start time based on that information so that students could take both tests if they really wanted to. We were recently informed that BmMT has changed the start time of their test to 9:00am, so given this unexpected change we can no longer guarantee that students will be able to complete our tests before the BmMT test starts. Participants are encouraged to make their own scheduling decisions in light of this change.]

Student Supervision

Only students, mathleague.org staff, and pre-approved volunteers will be allowed in the testing room prior to the banquet start time. No one will be permitted to remain in the hallway outside the testing room during the testing. We will set up a video feed so parents and coaches who are not in the room can watch the testing and the awards banquet.

Every student must be registered by an adult who includes on the registration form an emergency phone number at which the adult will be reachable throughout the contest. Unlike most in-person contests, adults responsible for participants are not required to remain on the premises as long as they can be reached by phone at a moment's notice. Adults who are interested in volunteering to proctor or grade tests should contact us for more details and training.


In each state where mathleague.org held a State Championship in 2023, certain high-scoring students are qualified to participate in the National Championship; details for how to qualify can be found here. In states where no State Championship was held, any student who met the qualification criteria at a qualifying contest will be eligible to participate in the National Championship. Students may register for the contest by clicking the link below. Registration for this contest is only open to students who qualify or who are selected off the waiting list to replace qualified students who are unable to attend. To ensure a seat at the contest and a meal at the awards banquet, qualified students must register by April 1; after April 1, if space is available, students will be invited from the waiting list to replace qualified students who have not yet registered. To join the waiting list, please send an email to customercare@mathleague.org indicating which students from your school would like to attend the contest if space is available.

To see a list of students from your State Championship who have qualified for the National Championship, go to our results page, select your State Championship from the drop-down menu, and click the "qualifiers to next level" link. Contact us at the email address above if your school had two or more students at the State Championship in the same grade with the same initials and you need help determining which student(s) qualified for the National Championship. Also be sure to let us know if you find any mistakes in the list so we can make sure everyone who qualified for the National Championship shows up on the list of qualifiers. If your state did not hold a State Championship, you can see who is qualified from your state by clicking on the results link for each of the qualifying contests that took place in your state this year.

Every student that registers for this contest must provide the name and phone number of an adult who will physically bring the student to the testing room, will physically pick the student up from the testing room at the end of testing, and will be reachable by phone during the event in case of an emergency. This adult is referred to as the "registering adult" on the registration page.

The registration deadline has passed for this contest. If you wish to register late, please contact us to see if any space is available.

Transportation and Lodging

Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to the venue and lodging. If you are bringing a car to the resort, parking is available for a $5 fee; parking is free if you are staying at the resort. For those of you who choose to stay at Coco Key, we have negotiated a pre-tax nightly rate of $174 ($159 room rate plus $15 resort fee) for our participants, which is a substantial discount off the published rate and includes free admission for four to Coco Key's famous water park. To take advantage of this special offer, click on this link. There are a limited number of available rooms at the special rate, so please make your reservations as soon as possible. [Update on April 3: We have been informed that rooms are no longer available at Coco Key. Participants are encouraged to make alternate lodging arrangements nearby.]


Written testing will consist of Target, Sprint, and Team rounds, followed by a Countdown round at the awards banquet (see below for more details). Participants are expected to bring their own pencils and calculators.

Testing will be in the Parakeet Playhouse; participants may begin arriving at 9:30am on April 15 and should be seated by 10:00am. Testing will start as soon as possible after 10:00am and should conclude by 12:30pm. Students will then have the afternoon free to rest or enjoy the water park.

If your students cannot test in the designated test center at the designated time for religious or health reasons, please contact us for more information about how we can accommodate the affected students.


Prizes will be given to the top ten students in each grade level, as well as to the top six teams, and will be handed out at an awards banquet on the evening of April 15. The awards banquet will run from 6:30pm to 8:00pm, with doors opening and food service starting at 6:00pm. The banquet will be held in the same room as the testing. Each student who registers for the contest will have the ability to purchase one or two banquet tickets; if your school or family wishes to purchase more banquet tickets than two per student, you may purchase them at the link below. This link will remain active as long as there are available banquet tickets; once the banquet is sold out, this link will be removed and it will no longer be possible to purchase a banquet ticket.

Every person attending the banquet (student, parent, coach, sibling, the President of Mathleague, everyone) will require a ticket. The meal will be served buffet style so participants may choose food items that fit their diet. The meal will consist of salad, pasta, chicken parmesan, vegetables, bread, and desserts. We are unable to guarantee an allergen-free preparation environment, so participants with severe allergies may wish to take this into consideration. Please note that every banquet attendee is required to have a ticket regardless of whether they plan to eat the food served at the venue.

The awards banquet will include a live Countdown round. We will be awarding a scholarship to the winner of the Countdown round; details and a description of how students are selected for the Countdown round can be found at this link.


Practice tests are available for purchase at the mathleague.org store if you would like to prepare for the contest (one set of tests is available for free download on our site as well).

Online Participants

For those of you who are qualified but unable to attend the National Championship in person, you may register below to attend the contest online. We have designed the experience to be as similar to the in-person experience as possible: You will pay the same registration fee as the in-person participants, you will take the test at the same time as the in-person participants, you will receive the same perks as the in-person participants (except, as noted above, instead of a banquet ticket you will receive free shipping of your merchandise and any awards you win), you will be invited to watch the awards banquet, and if selected you will be able to compete in the Countdown Round. The testing interface will be the same as we've used all school year, but we will be instituting very strict monitoring requirements to ensure the highest levels of testing security. The online testing option is intended only for students who are able and willing to adhere to the testing requirements and who are sufficiently familiar with our online testing platform that they will be able to navigate the online platform with no difficulty and emergency support only.

Online participants need to be prepared for the following measures: (1) Strict enforcement of all rules listed on our website regarding online contests. (2) Visual verification of chaperone presence prior to testing and at any subsequent point we deem necessary. (3) Use of student's real name in the Zoom room. (4) No classroom setups, i.e. every student must be logged into Zoom on their own device. (5) Specific camera positioning requirements that will require a Zoom-connected camera recording from over the student's right shoulder. (6) Local recording of audio at student's location. (7) Pre-contest verification of student's ability to record audio, position camera correctly, and log into our contest website. Online participants will be required to take the test on a computer (not a phone or tablet).

By registering for the online contest: (1) You acknowledge the inherent risks associated with competing online, including technical failures on the part of the user, Zoom, or mathleague.org. (2) You accept responsibility for following all instructions both written and verbal that mathleague.org delivers regarding administration of the online contest. (3) You accept any consequences that may arise from any of these risk factors or failure to follow instructions, including the possibility of scores not being recorded. You may register using the form below; once you have registered and have an ID number please return to this page to make your payment. Ignore any payment information mentioned in your registration confirmation and instead pay for the contest through the Paypal link in the "Participation" section above.

The registration deadline has passed for this contest. If you wish to register late, please contact us to see if any space is available.

Congratulations to everyone who qualified for this event; we look forward to seeing you on April 15!

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