Oct 29 Contest - Valley Christian High School, San Jose

mathleague.org is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a middle school math contest on Saturday Oct 29, 2022 for students in grades 6 through 8. Testing will consist of Sprint, Target, Team and Countdown rounds. The contest will be held at in San Jose, and the cost will be $20 per student if paid online prior to the close of registration. Students wishing to register or pay after the deadline should contact customercare@mathleague.org; we may be able to accommodate a limited number of late students at a cost of $30 per student.

The approximate schedule will be as follows:

  • 01:30 PM Doors open; please do not enter the building before this time
  • 01:30 PM to 02:00 PM Check-in open
  • 02:00 PM to 04:30 PM Testing
  • 04:30 PM to 05:00 PM Break
  • 05:00 PM Countdown round and awards (usually takes about an hour)
By prepaying your entry fees you help us start earlier AND you don't run a risk of your registration being canceled if the contest reaches capacity. In situations where a contest sells out, some students who have not prepaid may be notified that their registration has been canceled in order to make room for students who are prepared to prepay their registrations.

The contest is located at 100 Skyway Drive () in San Jose; a map and directions are available here. Students are expected to bring their own pencils and calculators.

PARTICIPATION INCENTIVES: Learning is its own reward of course, but we recognize that many students are motivated by extrinsic incentives and we want to provide adequate recognition for the effort our students put in. Every student who participates at one of our contests receives a copy of the test questions and solutions and can download a printable certificate of participation. All of our qualifying contests offer students the reward of qualifying for a District, State, or National Championship if they score high enough. In addition, certain high-scoring students will be given the opportunity to choose from a list of prizes; click here for more information.

Another incentive we have in place is a random prize drawing for every 100 students who attend one of our qualifying contests run by mathleague.org staff. Prize winners will be able to select between a free Number Sense or Relay Challenge registration, a Contest Problem Set book from our online store, or a $25 gift card. To award the random prizes, during each contest we will download a list of paid participants who submitted at least one test for grading, divide that number by 100, and take the integer part as the number of prizes to award. We will then employ a random sort to identify the prize winners. Prize winners will be announced after the break following the Team Round, and winners will be given information during the event regarding how to claim their prize.

We are also offering a prize to any math team sponsor whose school has a total of 50 or more paid student registrations across all our qualifying contests in a given school year. The prizes will be the same as those for the random drawings described in the previous paragraph. We will reach out to qualifying sponsors by April 5 to invite them to select a prize.

Every group of up to 24 students that registers for the contest must be accompanied by an adult chaperone. Parents can register individual students and serve as chaperones if necessary, but we recommend that parents check to see if there is anyone else at the school who is planning to attend before registering an individual student.

Click below to register for this contest. Note: Registration deadline is 72 hours before the contest start time.

State or country in which your school is located:

Practice tests are available for purchase at the mathleague.org store if you would like to prepare for the contest (one set of tests is available for free download on our site as well). Further questions can be directed to customercare@mathleague.org. We look forward to seeing you on Oct 29!

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