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ARML 2021 Information - Northern California and San Francisco Bay Area

ARML (American Regions Math League) is the premier national competition for math teams, and is the largest, most prestigious, and probably most fun on-site math competition in the United States. organizes several teams of 15 talented math students to represent Northern California and the Bay Area at ARML each year, and we would like to invite interested students to submit an application to be on this year's team. This year's ARML meet is scheduled for June 5 and will be held online.

The links on this page have all the information you'll need about the team. For general information about the ARML competition, check out the ARML website at For other questions about the SFBA/NorCal team, the coaching staff can be reached at However, please read the FAQ before emailing.

We look forward to seeing you at ARML 2021!

Joining The Team

  • Qualifications: Although we will organize our top students into two or three "elite" teams, ARML is open to any student who lives in our geographic region. We will organize students not selected for elite teams into several "regional" teams with other students from nearby schools. All team members will be able to participate fully in the competition.
  • Cost: The total cost of participating in ARML this year will be $40, which covers entry to the ARML contest itself, weekly team practices from mid-April to late May, and a team T-shirt. We do not charge fees to participate in ARML Local, which we will be running in April during our regular weekly meeting time.
  • Signing up and payment: Follow instructions at this link. Be sure to read the policies and FAQ first.
  • Deadlines: After filling out the application, students who intend to compete at ARML must pay the fee by May 1. This fee represents your firm commitment to participate in the competition and is nonrefundable. You may pay online by clicking the link at the top of this page. Any student accepted onto the team whose payment is received by May 1 will be guaranteed a spot on the team, after which positions will be filled on a rolling basis until the team is full or ARML's internal deadline passes, whichever is earlier. Elite team selection will begin on April 10, so students interested in being on elite teams should sign up and pay by then.
  • Parent volunteers: We may need to recruit a small number of parent volunteers to help at practice or on the day of the contest. If you are interested in doing so, follow the instructions for signing up. Coaching staff will contact you with more information if you are needed.

Mandatory Reading For Team Members

Before joining the team, you MUST read the two documents below.
  • Policies: This covers details like team selection procedures, and what happens if you decide not to go to ARML.
  • FAQ: Covers a number of common questions about ARML, team rules, and logistics.

Preparing For ARML

  • Practices: Attending practice is an important part of the ARML experience, and as such students should plan to attend weekly practices throughout April and May. Practice schedules will be posted online and announced by email. Fees are required only if a student intends to participate in the ARML competition. No fee is required for students to participate in practices through our organization.
  • Elite team tryouts will be held independently of practices. We will begin selecting teams in mid-April and continue until all elite team spots are filled, so students registering after the date mentioned above will be at a disadvantage. See the Policies for more information about team selection.

On The Road

  • ARML will be held online this year. We hope it can return as an in-person, on-site competition at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 2022.
  • Logistics: This page was last updated for ARML 2019, but you can read it if you’d like to know what a "normal" ARML looks like and what we’re looking forward to in 2022.
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