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Please see our health alert page for the latest information about how the coronovirus situation is impacting our operations. Latest update August 23.


Please read the following:

  • Thank you for joining us for today’s online contest, and good luck to you all. The contest will not start until half past; if you do not need any assistance, just hang out until then while we help others with customer service issues.
  • If this is your first time at our contests, please understand that these questions are much harder than your math class at school and may be harder than other math contests you've taken. Our contests are designed to be difficult enough to separate the very best students in the country. Even a score of 50% on a qualifying test is enough to qualify you for the next championship round. So do whatever questions you can, and don't get discouraged by the problems you get wrong - they are just an opportunity to learn more for next time!
  • You are responsible for your own computer and internet connection. We cannot help you if you have any difficulty opening documents, connecting to the internet, etc., and if these issues interfere with your participation, we cannot allow any exemptions to the rules or the timing of the tests.
  • You are also responsible for following the instructions posted on our website or announced in this meeting. If you pay attention and adhere to the instructions, things will go smoothly for you today. If you fail to follow the rules, you will be responsible for the consequences.

Here are the steps you must complete prior to the first test:

  • Camera instructions for students testing alone - You should have logged onto zoom through a device that has a camera that can be positioned so that the field of view for the device's camera contains an unobstructed view of you, your workspace, and your computer screen. Ideally you should also set up the device so that you can view the zoom meeting window, as this is where the timer will be visible during the test (if you are using a phone or tablet for your camera, this means you will probably want to set the device to use the front camera for instance). This camera must remain on until data entry is finished for the last test, and you may not use any filters or fake backgrounds. Feel free to check out our video on the Mathleague Media YouTube channel for tips on how you can set up an external camera on a phone or tablet.
  • Camera instructions for multiple students with the same chaperone - If each of you will be connecting to Zoom through your own computer, simply follow the instructions above. Otherwise the chaperone can set up one Zoom-connected device and position the camera so that all students in the room can be seen on the camera. For instance, if a teacher is chaperoning students in a classroom, the teacher may connect to Zoom through one computer as long as students can see and hear the Zoom meeting and the camera can capture an image of all the students in the classroom. If one camera is being used to monitor multiple students, please click the raise hand icon in Zoom so we can follow up with further instructions.
  • You should have logged into zoom under the name of a student who is registered for today's contest. If the name is that of a chaperone or someone else, you must log out and re-register for the meeting under the name of a student who is registered for today's contest and is physically sitting in the same room as the device that is connected to the zoom meeting. We tremendously value the safety and privacy of our students and will protect them by removing anyone who does not appear to be authorized to access the meeting.
  • You must have a chaperone in the room with you at all times, and your sound must be set to come out of your speakers so both you and your chaperone can hear; headphones and other listening devices are forbidden at all our contests.
  • Open the current browser window so it takes up your full screen, and do not resize or minimize the browser at any time during the contest.
  • Make sure you have the supplies you need – scratch paper, pencils, calculator, answer sheets, and the ID numbers of your team members.
  • If you are dropped from the zoom meeting, keep working on the test and have your chaperone try to get back into the meeting; watch for emails with further instructions from us in case it is a systemwide zoom problem.
  • Go to http://mathleague.org/onlinetestentry.php and input your information; select "None" as the test you are taking, and hit submit. You should reach a verification page; if you encounter an error, please follow the instructions on the screen so we can help you. If you do not follow the instructions on the screen, it will delay our ability to help you.
  • If you need help at any time you may have your chaperone email us at onlinecontests@mathleague.org; please have your chaperone include your name and ID number as well as your state and school so we can look up your information faster. If you need any help DURING the test or during the answer submission process, please click the raise hand icon in the zoom meeting and leave it up. You will be sent to a breakout room where you will be able to turn on your mic and chat with one of our staff members who can help you resolve the problem.

The following information may be useful to you; you have already been given all this information but here it is again for your reference:

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