is sponsoring a number of junior high contests to be held throughout the current school year. The contests will be structured in such a way that students will find the tests good preparation for the MATHCOUNTS chapter and state competitions to be held in the spring.

Hosting: Any teacher interested in hosting a local contest can register the contest on this website.

Participating: Schools wishing to participate in this year's contests should check the calendar for information on when and where the contests will be held.

Downloading sample tests: A free set of tests is available by email to anyone who signs up for our mailing list.

Purchasing tests for practice: Shortly after this year's contests, the full set of tests will be released for sale to any interested parties. Go to the store to purchase these tests.

If your school is not already registered for the official MATHCOUNTS competition, make sure to get involved in that program. MATHCOUNTS can be found on the internet at

[Note: is not affiliated in any way with MATHCOUNTS. MATHCOUNTS is a registered trademark of the MATHCOUNTS Foundation.]


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