2023 mathleague.org High School International Championship

July 9-13, Bali, Indonesia

mathleague.org is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the fourth annual International Championship for high school students on July 9th through 13th, 2023 in Bali, Indonesia. We are excited to be hosting the International Championship in person for the first time this year! The contest will be held at the Prama Sanur Beach hotel. Please note that for those of you who are unable to travel to the contest site, we are also offering an online participation option described at the bottom of this page.

Please see below for information about all aspects of the contest. If you need to contact us with questions that are not addressed on this page, you may email us at customercare@mathleague.org. As always, we plan to display a picture slideshow on the projector prior to the formal start of the banquet. If you have pictures from contests this year that you would be willing to share, please email them to us at pictures@mathleague.org.

Registration fee for competing students will be US$149. This fee includes contest registration, a full-day sightseeing trip, a banquet ticket, a mathleague clipboard, a contest t-shirt, a commemorative totebag, a flash drive containing a video documenting the event as well as the contest tests in several languages, and a collectable yearbook. Adult or noncompeting child registration will include a full-day sightseeing trip and a banquet ticket for US$99, and for every ten competing students registered by the same coach, we will include one free adult registration. For students who will be competing online, your US$149 fee will cover your contest registration plus the shipping cost of any awards you win; you will be trading the sightseeing trip, banquet ticket, and souvenir items for the convenience of taking the test remotely. Individual students and noncompeting individuals can register and book hotel/transportation packages below, but country leaders registering ten or more students can contact us for assistance registering and paying for your group in one transaction.

The itinerary includes the following main events:

  • July 9 - Teams arrive and check in
  • July 10 - Sightseeing trip
  • July 11 - Testing
  • July 12 - Awards banquet
  • July 13 - Teams depart


In each country where mathleague.org held a National Championship in 2023, the top ten students in each grade (based on the individual total score) are qualified to compete in the International Championship. Registration for this contest is only open to students who qualify. To ensure a seat at the contest, qualified students must register by June 24th; after June 24th, additional competitors will only be accepted if space is available. Students must pre-register for the contest by clicking the link below.

To see a list of students from your country who have qualified for the International Championship, go to our results page, select your National Championship from the drop-down menu, and click the "qualifiers to next level" link. Contact us at the email address above if your school had two or more students at the National Championship in the same grade with the same initials and you need help determining which student(s) qualified for the International Championship. Also be sure to let us know if you find any mistakes in the list so we can make sure everyone who qualified for the International Championship shows up on the list of qualifiers.

The registration deadline has passed for this contest. If you wish to register late, please contact us to see if any space is available.


Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to Bali including securing any necessary visas for travel. Participants should arrange to fly into Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar (DPS). Please make sure you arrive in time to check in on July 9. If you purchase a hotel package (see below) we will coordinate transportation for you from the airport to the hotel on July 9 and from the hotel to the airport on July 13 if needed, and we will arrange to check your group in when you arrive. Participants who do not purchase a hotel package should organize their own transportation to the hotel and plan to be at check-in between 4pm and 6pm on July 9.


Prama Sanur Beach hotel is the official headquarters hotel for the 2023 mathleague.org High School International Championship. This beautiful hotel is located right on the beach and will be the setting for our testing and banquet, as well as the departure site for the sightseeing trip.

We have a block of rooms reserved at the headquarters hotel and are offering a $420 package that includes four nights in the hotel for two people with free breakfast (check in on July 9 and check out on July 13) and transportation to and from the airport on July 9 and 13. These rooms are designed for two people, so if two people stay in the room it works out to $210 per person. There are a limited number of available rooms and this package is only available to guests who register by June 24 or until the rooms are sold out, so please make your reservations as soon as possible.

Our block of hotel rooms is sold out for this contest as of June 29. Participants who do not yet have hotel rooms will need to make their own hotel arrangements.

Sightseeing Trip

July 10 will be reserved for an all-day sightseeing trip to some of the world famous nature and cultural sites in Bali. Participants will be sent a detailed itinerary the week before the contest, but the following are tentative highlights of the trip:


Testing will consist of Target, Sprint, Team, and Relay rounds. Competitors are expected to bring their own pencils and calculators. Participants are asked to check in on July 9; details regarding the check-in process will be emailed to participants the week before the contest. Please note that we will be unable to accommodate hybrid groups for the Team and Relay rounds, so each Team or Relay group must consist exclusively of students who are testing in person or students who are testing online.

Testing will be in the hotel banquet hall; competitors may begin arriving at 2:20pm on July 11 and should be seated by 2:50pm. Testing will start at 3:00pm and should conclude by 6:30pm.

If your students cannot test in the designated test center at the designated time for religious or health reasons, please contact us for more information about how we can accommodate the affected students.

Awards Banquet

Prizes will be given to the top students in each grade level, as well as to the top three country teams, and will be handed out at an awards banquet on July 12. Please note that depending on the number of participants, we may either combine the banquet with the elementary school banquet or run two separate banquets on July 12. Details about the banquet will be emailed to participants the week before the contest. Each country delegation is asked to prepare a cultural presentation of approximately 3-5 minutes duration to share at the banquet; this could be a dance, a song, or some other form of artistic expression.

Every person attending the banquet (student, parent, coach, sibling, the President of Mathleague, everyone) will require a ticket, which can be purchased above by registering for the event as a student or noncompeting individual. We will offer standard, vegetarian, vegan, and halal meals; be sure to select the correct type of meal when you register for the banquet. Attendees who require a Kosher meal should contact us to arrange a plan if the vegetarian or vegan meal will not be adequate. We are unable to guarantee an allergen-free preparation environment, so participants with severe allergies (or any dietary requirements not covered in the options above) may wish to consider bringing food of their own. Please note that every banquet attendee is required to have a ticket regardless of whether they plan to eat the food served at the venue.


Practice Contest Problem Sets are available for purchase at the mathleague.org store if you would like to prepare for the contest (one Contest Problem Set is available for free download on our site as well).

Online Participants

For those of you who are qualified but unable to attend the International Championship in person, you may register below to attend the contest online. We have designed the testing experience to be as similar to the in-person experience as possible: You will pay the same registration fee as the in-person participants, you will take the test at the same time as the in-person participants, and you will be invited to watch the awards banquet. The testing interface will be the same as we've used all school year, but we will be instituting very strict monitoring requirements to ensure the highest levels of testing security. The online testing option is intended only for students who are able and willing to adhere to the testing requirements and who are sufficiently familiar with our online testing platform that they will be able to navigate the online platform with no difficulty and emergency support only. Students should expect instructions to be given only in English unless their country leader arranges for an interpreter to be present.

Online participants need to be prepared for the following measures: (1) Strict enforcement of all rules listed on our website regarding online contests. (2) Visual verification of chaperone presence prior to testing and at any subsequent point we deem necessary. (3) Use of student's real name in the Zoom room. (4) No classroom setups, i.e. every student must be logged into Zoom on their own device. (5) Specific camera positioning requirements that will require a Zoom-connected camera recording from over the student's right shoulder. (6) Local recording of audio at student's location. (7) Pre-contest verification of student's ability to record audio, position camera correctly, and log into our contest website. Online participants will be required to take the test on a computer (not a phone or tablet).

By registering for the online contest: (1) You acknowledge the inherent risks associated with competing online, including technical failures on the part of the user, Zoom, or mathleague.org. (2) You accept responsibility for following all instructions both written and verbal that mathleague.org delivers regarding administration of the online contest. (3) You accept any consequences that may arise from any of these risk factors or failure to follow instructions, including the possibility of scores not being recorded. You may register using the form below; once you have registered and have an ID number please return to this page to make your payment. Ignore any payment information mentioned in your registration confirmation and instead pay for the contest through the Paypal link in the "Participation" section above.

The registration deadline has passed for this contest. If you wish to register late, please contact us to see if any space is available.

Congratulations to everyone who qualified for this event; we look forward to seeing you in July!

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