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Current Challenge dates

  • July 23 - 121N1A
  • July 30 - 121N1B
  • August 6 - 121N1C
  • August 13 - 121N1D
  • August 20 - 121N1E
  • August 27 - 121N1F
  • September 3 - 121N1G
  • September 10 - 121N1H
  • September 17 - 121N1I
  • September 24 - 121N1J

How the Number Sense Challenge works

  • The Number Sense Challenge will be held in an online Zoom room, and students may take the test from any suitable physical location as long as they are accompanied by an adult chaperone who agrees to proctor the test, make sure that the student is following instructions, and send us the student's answers after each test is over.
  • 4:50pm Pacific / 7:50pm Eastern - A link to the online meeting room will be sent to the email address of each student's chaperone of record about 10 minutes before the room opens; please email if this link is not received by 5 minutes before the time the room is scheduled to open. You will be admitted to the room at the designated check-in time; do not email us before that time asking why we won't let you into the room.
  • 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern - Participants will be allowed into the room ten minutes before testing starts. When participants arrive they will find a welcome screen and a reminder to take care of all the check-in tasks listed below in the "before the contest" section. During the first ten minutes staff will be available to help those who need technical assistance. Those who have completed the necessary steps are invited to relax and wait for the contest to start.
  • 5:10pm Pacific / 8:10pm Eastern - When it is time to start testing the contest director will display the timer and rules for the contest on the Zoom shared screen. When the test starts the contest director will share a PDF of the test that participants can open in a web browser. Answers will be filled out on the answer sheets that participants printed out the day before the contest. Participants may switch back and forth between the timer on the Zoom screen and the PDF of the test, but are not to access any other applications on their computer while the timer is running.
  • 5:20pm Pacific / 8:20pm Eastern - After the test is over there will be a ten minute window to enter the answers, during which time the chaperones (or the students supervised by their chaperones) will enter the students' answers into our online form AND email us an image of the students' answer sheets as a backup so we have a paper trail in case anything goes wrong when attempting to enter the answers online. At the end of the score input window, participants will be given a link to download a copy of the test and answers; this link will be active for approximately half an hour.
  • 5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern - Once the score input window is over students are invited to stay around for a brief lesson in which staff will review how to do some of the problems on the test. The lesson will last for approximately 20 minutes and will focus on three primary goals: (1) helping new students raise their score to 100, (2) implementing shortcuts to help students solve problems more quickly, and (3) general test-taking strategies. Students may leave the room after the score input is complete if they choose not to watch the lesson.
  • 5:50pm Pacific / 8:50pm Eastern - Students are dismissed. Please note that the times listed here are approximate and subject to revision if there are any delays getting the test started. Regardless of any delays, we aim to dismiss students no later than 9pm Eastern. Results for the contest will be added to our online leaderboard within 24 hours of the completion of the contest if possible.

What you need to do before the contest

  • Make sure each of your students knows their confirmation number. This number was given to you when you registered the student both on our website and in an email. If you cannot find this number, email us at so we can get that to you.
  • Download and print your students' answer sheets at this link. All answers will be submitted through an online form; these answer sheets will be shared with us as a backup in case anything fails with the online answer submission. If you cannot access this page, you are using a Google account or device that has artificial restrictions placed on it that we cannot override. Please use a different Google account (or log out of your Google account entirely) or a different device as needed in order to access the file. We cannot troubleshoot this step for you, because we do not control what sort of restrictions have been placed on your Google account or your device, but you MUST find a way to access this page or you will be unable to access the test on the day of the contest. We have gotten word that many schools restrict students' access to outside links when they are logged into a school-provided Google account, so it is imperative that you test this in advance and take any corrective action that is necessary on your part. If you have absolutely no way to print out the answer sheets, feel free to create handwritten answer sheets; this is not ideal, but we can work with handwritten sheets if necessary. Even if you can't print out the answer sheets, you still need to make sure you can access the page online.
  • Decide how you will capture images of your students' answer sheets. If you have a scanner attached to your computer, that is the best way to capture the images; scan the pages at 300dpi grayscale and save them as a PDF. If you don't have a scanner, feel free to use an app on your phone that will allow you to take a picture and save it as a PDF; we recommend the free CamScanner app because CamScanner will allow you to trim the edges of the image and align the image so it looks like a scanned page.

What you need to do the day of the contest

  • Make sure all students you are chaperoning are present and ready to go and that every student has their own computer that is connected to the internet. The computer must have a camera and each student must be visible on camera while testing so we can monitor them just like at an in-person contest.
  • Make sure students have answer sheets and pencils.
  • On each student's computer, click on the invitation link to the meeting room, and turn on the student's camera and join with computer audio. Make sure the student's microphone is muted. Start the chat window and test your sound and video with the tools Zoom provides.
  • Make sure the student's name is listed correctly in the Zoom participants list; you may use the "rename" feature in Zoom if necessary to ensure that this step is done.
  • Click on this link and enter your student's last name, confirmation number, and the password you are given in the Zoom room, then click submit. Once your information has been correctly submitted, you will reach the data entry page.
  • Send an email to if you need any help. We will do our best to help as many people as we can, and those of you who followed the instructions above and got everything taken care of in advance have our thanks. Just like washing your hands and social distancing, these actions will flatten the tech support curve so we can help everyone who needs help.
  • Participants are to refrain from any public chatting throughout the contest. Any public chatting will be grounds for dismissal from the contest. Students are also not to talk to anyone at their testing location while the timer is running.
  • As a chaperone your job is to monitor the students during the test to ensure they are complying with the rules. DO NOT interact with any student while the test is running or you will disqualify the student from that test. Maintain a suitable distance where you can observe but not disturb the student while the test is going on.
  • Students will write their answers on their answer sheets during the test. After each test is over, collect the students' answer sheets immediately. Students will be given a break while the contest coordinator gives you instructions for typing the student's answers into our online data entry form. Please pay attention to these instructions and follow them promptly.
  • After you have submitted your student's answers on our online form, please capture an image of each answer sheet page that the student has submitted. Please remember to capture both sides if the student has answered questions on both sides. Once you have a PDF of the student's answer sheets, name the file with the last name and confirmation number of the student, then email it to within ten minutes of the conclusion of the test. If there were any problems with the online answer submission, include "FOR URGENT REVIEW" in the subject line and write a description of the problem in the body of the email. Most of the emails that we receive with test images will never get read because the online answer submission will work just fine, but if something goes wrong we will be able to go back into the email archives and pull an image of the answer sheet to grade. The online submission will be considered the official submission of the students, and anything written on the answer sheets will only be considered in the event of a problem with the online submission.
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