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Materials Needed to Host Contests

The test materials that will be emailed for use at any given qualifying tournament consist of the test questions unique to the release month of the tournament, as well as answer keys for each of these tests. All other documents necessary to administer a contest can be acquired through the links below. The suggested number of copies to make of each document follows the links.
  • Relay - ten answer sheets for the relay round, one for each collection time
  • Certification - contest certification form
Suggested copies to make (note that not all of these tests will be given out at each contest):
  • Enough Number Sense tests, double sided, for each student to have a copy (elementary only).
  • Enough Sprint tests, with an answer sheet stapled to each, for each student to have a copy.
  • Enough Target rounds for each student to have a copy.
  • Enough Relay rounds to account for all the relay teams; you will probably have between 1/3 and 1/2 as many relay teams as you have students (high school only).
  • Relay round answer sheets--divide the total number of students by 8 and copy this many of each of the 10 answer sheets. Basically the third person in each relay will need ten answer slips, one of each type. It is a good idea to color-code these so for instance all the 3 Minutes, Round 1 slips are blue or something. This makes it less confusing for the students and proctors to keep track of which answer slip is turned in at each opportunity (high school only).
  • Enough Team tests for each student to have a copy.
  • Enough Power questions for each student to have a copy (high school state meets only).
  • One Team/Power/Relay cover sheet sheet for each team in each event for which you are using the cover sheet (one cover sheet per student is a good estimate of how many cover sheets you will need).
  • Each of the answer keys--one for each school attending. These can be used in the grading room and then given to the schools when they are no longer needed for grading.
Suggestions for Sprint grading (elementary and high school):

Option I: Fill in the bubbles for a key and compare the answers side by side with students' papers. Count the number of correct answers and incorrect answers and write both numbers in the appropriate space on each student's answer sheet. Multiply the number of correct answers by 4 and subtract the number of incorrect answers to get the total score. Any item with more than one answer bubbled is counted as incorrect.

Option II: Machine grading is by far the best and fastest option, but it requires some coordination and advance planning. If you are able to get a (mostly) complete list of students to us by the morning before your contest, we can create and send you a file of unique answer sheets for each student. After having students use these answer sheets on test day, you can scan and email the answer sheets to mathleague.org. We can then process the answer sheets and upload the item data and scores for you. If you are interested in using this option (and who wouldn't want to get out of grading sprint rounds?), send us an email so we can coordinate details.

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