2019 mathleague.org (INTER)2 SECT Championship
April 6, Evergreen Valley High School

mathleague.org is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the first annual worldwide championship for middle school students on April 6, 2019 in San Jose, California. The contest will be held at Evergreen Valley High School. A map to the venue is available here. Please see below for information about all aspects of the contest. If you need to contact us with questions that are not addressed on this page, you may email us at customercare@mathleague.org.

What's Different From The Local Contests?

  • Students will be assigned either a specific seat or a specific table to sit at. The seating assignment will be written on the back of the ID labels the students receive at check-in.
  • Proctors will be responsible for specific tables or rows of students and will be designated in advance.
  • A lunch break will be built into the schedule from whenever the testing ends (target time is 1pm) until 3pm. This will allow for time to verify the results, set up the awards ceremony, and stuff all the packets.
  • Each student will receive their own results packet instead of giving one envelope per school. The results packets will include a copy of the solutions for each student. Students may exchange their last label for their packet at the conculsion of the awards ceremony.
  • We plan to display a picture slideshow on the projector prior to the start of the countdown and awards ceremony. If you have pictures from contests this year that you would be willing to share, please email them to us at pictures@mathleague.org.
  • T-shirts and books will be available for purchase at the contest. See below for more details.


Only eligible students may register for this contest. A student is eligible to register if (1) she or he earned a spot at one of the qualifying rounds according to the rules found here; (2) she or he has been accepted off the waiting list to replace a student who could not make it; or (3) she or he was member of a four-person team that won their state's MATHCOUNTS state championship in 2018 or 2019. If you register students who are not eligible, your registration will be deleted and no refunds will be given.

To join the waiting list, please send an email to customercare@mathleague.org indicating which students from your school would like to attend the contest if space is available. For each student we need first name, last name, grade, school, and state or country. We will notify you if space becomes available and if we can accept your students off the waiting list. Do NOT email us to inquire about your waiting list status, because waiting list priority will be based on the LAST email we received from you (in other words, every time you email to ask about the waiting list, you will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list).

To ensure a seat at the contest, eligible students must register and pay any required fee by March 27. After March 27, if space is available, additional students may be invited from the waiting list to replace qualified students who have not yet registered and paid in full. The contest fee will be $20 per student, and students must pre-register for the contest by clicking the link below. Students who were members of a four-person team that won their state's MATHCOUNTS state championship in 2018 or 2019 are exempt from the registration fee. After you register, please email customercare@mathleague.org with documentation that your team was the state MATHCOUNTS champion and we will flag your registration as paid.

Students may only participate in the (INTER)2 SECT championship if their school is a paid member of mathleague.org for the current school year. Students who register for the contest under a school that is not a paid member of mathleague.org are subject to deletion of their registration without a refund at any time. You can check on your school's membership status here and, if necessary, fill out a membership form here. Please note that students who were members of a four-person team that won their state's MATHCOUNTS state championship in 2018 or 2019 are exempt from the membership fee, as are Title I schools.

To see a list of students from each qualifying site who have qualified for the championship, go to our results page, select your site from the drop-down menu, and click the "qualifiers to next level" link. Contact us at the email address at the top of this page if your school had two or more students at the meet in the same grade with the same initials and you need help determining which student(s) qualified for the championship. Also be sure to let us know if you find any mistakes in the list so we can make sure everyone who qualified for the championship shows up on the list of qualifiers.

Every school that registers for the contest must be accompanied by one or more adult chaperones who are willing to help proctor or grade tests (one chaperone should be designated on the registration form) and who will remain at the contest venue whenever their students are present. Click below to register for this contest. Note: Registration and payment deadline for qualifiers is March 27. After March 27, additional participants will be accepted only if space is available.


Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to the venue. The closest major airport is San Jose (SJC), although San Francisco (SFO) and Oakland (OAK) are reasonably close as well. Students flying in from Asia will probably find the most flight options available into SFO. All these airports have on-site car rental facilities, which is the recommended method for getting to the contest site. It may be possible to arrange ground transportation to the contest site without renting a car, but this option will likely be far more expensive than renting a car.

Participants are responsible for any lodging arrangements necessary in the area. We recommend searching online for hotels nearby and choosing the hotel that works best for your budget and transportation arrangements.


Written testing will consist of Sprint, Target, and Team rounds. At least 16 students will be chosen for the Countdown Round, which will be held after lunch. Participants will compete in a single elimination head-to-head contest using a standard seeded bracket. The top 15 individuals at the entire contest will be assigned a seed number equal to their overall individual rank on the Sprint and Target rounds and will be placed into the bracket in a position that will require them to win no more than five matches to win the Countdown round. The additional students will be chosen at the contest director's discretion and seeded into the bracket with numbers greater than 15. Registration fee is $20 per student, and your confirmation email will indicate how to make payment for the contest. Participants are expected to bring their own pencils and calculators.

Check-in on the morning of April 6 will be in the Evergreen Valley High School cafeteria; participants may begin arriving at 9:45am and should be seated by 10:20am. Testing will start at 10:30am and should conclude by 1:00pm. Students may then take a lunch break until 3:00pm, at which time the Countdown Round and awards ceremony will be held.

If your students cannot test in the designated test center at the designated time for religious or health reasons, please contact us for more information about how we can accommodate the affected students.


Prizes will be given to the top twenty students in grades 6 through 8, as well as to the top ten four-person teams, and will be handed out at the awards ceremony immediately following the Countdown Round. Any 9th grade students participating in the contest will either be grouped with the 8th graders for awards or will be given separate awards for their grade level.


Practice tests are available for purchase at the mathleague.org store if you would like to prepare for the contest (one set of tests is available for free download on our site as well).


T-shirts and books will be available for purchase at the contest. T-shirts will be dark blue with the mathleague.org logo and will be sold for $10. Middle school contest books from last school year (test sets 11810 through 11816) will be sold for $30. We cannot guarantee the availability of a particular size of t-shirt or year of book at this point, but if we are able to take pre-orders we will update this page so you can pre-order the exact size or year you want. Merchandise will be available for purchase or collection after the conclusion of the awards ceremony.

UPDATE: We will also be selling contest books from this school year (test sets 11910 through 11917 - yes that includes the test the students will take on April 6!) after the awards ceremony for $40. If you prepay for a book you will not only be guaranteed a book even if we sell out, but you will also get a discounted price of $35. You can use the link below to pre-order these books.

Congratulations to everyone who qualified for this event; we look forward to seeing you on April 6!

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