As the largest network of local and state math competitions at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in the United States and abroad, mathleague.org runs more than 400 contests globally and reaches over 30,000 students each year.

Latest News

  • mathleague.org is implementing major changes to the relay contest this year. Find out more about what's changing, why we are making these changes, and how you can get more practice material.

  • mathleague.org is accepting applications for contest directors for the upcoming school year. Please apply here.

  • mathleague.org is happy to announce a new partnership with M/s Chrysaalis I-Maths India Private Limited for our contests in India. In our first year of operation in India, mathleague.org and Chrysaalis are planning to host competitions in various major cities and reach out to the student communities in those cities to build a healthy competitive spirit in Indian students.

Why mathleague.org?

At mathleague.org, we believe that math contests should be a learning experience. To that end, we expose students to brand new problems at every contest, allow students to keep their test questions and completed answer sheets, and provide solutions to all problems at the conclusion of the contest. Learn more.

Our Program

The mathleague.org program includes a number of services focused on enhancing the quality and quantity of competitive mathematical opportunities available to students everywhere. We offer a variety of programs for students in grades 3-12:

  • Elementary Contests - mathleague.org releases several elementary Contest Problem Sets each year. These are administered at local contests and State Championships, culminating with a National Championship in June.

  • Middle School Contests - mathleague.org releases several middle school Contest Problem Sets each year to help students prepare for other contests with a similar format. These are administered at local contests, and top scorers are invited to participate in our innovative nationwide (INTER)2 SECT Championship in April.

  • High School Contests - mathleague.org runs the State High School Math Championships in several states and organizes a National Championship every May. We also organize teams from several states to compete in the national American Regions Math League competition.

  • Classes, Workshops, and Tutoring - In addition to organizing math competitions, mathleague.org runs classes and individual tutoring sessions to develop students' problem solving skills and train them for other competitions.

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