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Please refer to the appropriate section of our main website for information about the various contest events, how they are scored, and how overall point totals are tallied. Please note that we only report positive scores, so if your score does not appear, please check your test against the answer key to make sure you got a positive score before emailing us to ask why your score is not listed. You can find a more complete breakdown of your scores by downloading a score report here.

Reporting Errors

Every math contest experiences data errors from time to time; what makes us different is that we give you the tools to find and report these errors so we can maintain the most accurate records possible. If you wish to report any errors in our results, please send an email to Please include any documentary evidence you have that will help us investigate your claim. We will correct errors as soon as possible, provided we have adequate documentation and the request is received within one month of when the results were publicly posted to our website. You can be notified when new results are posted by subscribing to our Twitter feed (@mathleague). Please note that this means results on our site could change during the few weeks following a given contest. does not reissue or change awards once they are handed out, except in extreme circumstances determined at our discretion.

Breaking Ties

You may notice in some of the results there is a column for "Borda". This is a data point we use to break ties, and is effectively a weighted average of the empirical difficulties of the questions a student or team answered. The tie goes to the student or team with a lower Borda score, because they correctly answered a more difficult set of questions relative to the other competitors at the contest. No internal tiebreaking system is perfect of course, but this is what we use. If two test scores are identical AND the Borda scores are also identical, you should consider the two students or teams to be tied. Really want the details? Take the red pill.