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3rd Grade
SchoolFirst NameLast Name
Pershing Elementary SchoolAKan
Riverview STEM AcademyABha
Riverview STEM AcademySIye
Sacramento Country DaySGul

4th Grade
SchoolFirst NameLast Name
Fred T. Korematsu Elementary SchoolVChi
Phoebe Hearst Elementary SchoolKGuo
Rocklin Academy GatewayCHua
Rocklin Academy GatewayVKav
Rocklin Academy GatewayNMud
Rocklin Academy GatewayTrem
Rocklin Academy GatewayUSoy
Theodore Judah ElementaryBBro
Theodore Judah ElementaryKRam
Westlake Charter SchoolAGan

5th Grade
SchoolFirst NameLast Name
Brookfield SchoolNZho
Mary A. Deterding Elementary SchoolSAgr
Mary A. Deterding Elementary SchoolDLi
Mary A. Deterding Elementary SchoolSSri
Mary A. Deterding Elementary SchoolEYua
Pershing Elementary SchoolRKod
Pershing Elementary SchoolNNad
Rocklin Academy GatewayLGAN
Rocklin Academy GatewaySRan
Rocklin Academy GatewaySSwa
Rocklin ElementaryCFra
Rocklin ElementaryJIto
Rocklin ElementaryMMat
Rocklin ElementaryDYoo
Russel RanchABuk
Russel RanchSBuk
Sandra J Gallardo Elementary School APat
Sandra J Gallardo Elementary School APat
Theodore Judah ElementaryAAra
Theodore Judah ElementaryNDou
Theodore Judah ElementarySSan

6th Grade
SchoolFirst NameLast Name
Fred T. Korematsu Elementary SchoolSChi
Fred T. Korematsu Elementary SchoolAMis
Fred T. Korematsu Elementary SchoolWXu
Rocklin Academy GatewayDGup
Rocklin Academy GatewayGHua
Rocklin Academy GatewayAKni
Rocklin ElementaryERyu
Rocklin ElementaryCSha
Winston Churchill MSXFor
Winston Churchill MSNGul
Winston Churchill MSARam

7th Grade
SchoolFirst NameLast Name

8th Grade
SchoolFirst NameLast Name