Arizona State Championship and ARML Information is pleased to announce that the third annual Arizona state championship meet for high school math students will take place this year on April 18 in Tempe. We will also be organizing a group of 15 students to represent the state at the national ARML contest in late May. Here is a checklist of things to do in order to get your students involved. Be sure to bookmark this page and return to it regularly, as it contains all the links you should need in order to access the relevant information about our programs.

1. Become a member of

Becoming a member of will allow your students to participate in the state championship if they qualify, and will also enable you to administer the January release tests in your school as your students’ first attempt to qualify for state. Membership is $20 for large schools (250+ students per grade or selective admissions) and $10 for small schools (<250 students per grade and non-selective admissions).

Click here to sign up for membership and/or to pay for your school's membership.

2. Familiarize yourself with our tests offers several different events at each of our contests, including opportunities for students to work individually and as part of a team. Your students will have a better chance of success if they know something about the format and work on some practice tests prior to competing.

Click here for information about each of the events and what scores are required to qualify for state in each event.

Click here to find out how to obtain a free set of practice tests or purchase additional practice tests.

3. Get your students qualified for state

There are several opportunities to qualify for state this year, and your students may participate in any or all of these in order to maximize their chances to qualify for state. Students and teams may qualify to attend the state championship by attaining at least 50% on any event at one of our qualifying rounds.
  • January qualifying round - once your membership payment is received, you will be emailed the January tests, which you may administer in your school anytime before February 14. Your membership fee will allow four teams from your school to participate in this test (a total of 24 students for large schools or 12 students for small schools), but you may have additional students participate for a small fee. This will be explained further in the instructions you receive along with the tests.
  • February and March qualifying sites - various schools are hosting contests throughout February and March; in order to attend one of these contests you will need to contact the site coordinator for information about start time, entry fees, and exact location. Confirmed sites so far are as follows:
  • Additional qualifying sites - as additional sites are confirmed they will be added to this list. If you don't see a qualifying site close to you, you can host a meet at your own school. Contact us at for more information about hosting.
  • Power Question - as part of your school membership your school is also eligible to compete in's Power Question contest, which can be taken in your school any time before March 15. Go to for more information.

Click here to view our upcoming events in all states.

Click here to sign up to host a contest of your own in February or March.

4. Attend the state championship

This year's state championship will be held at Tempe High School on April 18. Schools with students who have qualified for the state meet will be emailed more details in early April. Please note that this date is different than the date for's other state championships, so even though information elsewhere on the website indicates that there are events a week later, the Arizona championship is on April 18.

5. Have your top students apply to be on the ARML team is recruiting a team of 15 talented math students to represent the State of Arizona at the national ARML competition. We will be competing at the American Regions Mathematics League national contest in Las Vegas this May. This year's ARML meet is scheduled for May 30 and 31 at the campus of the University of Nevada - Las Vegas. We are currently accepting applications and will select the team based on performance on the AMC contests as well as the state championship. Teachers interested in helping coach the team or run practice sessions should contact us at

Click here for more information about ARML.

Click here to fill out an application to be on the ARML team.


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