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Contest at is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a middle school math contest on for students in grades through . Testing will consist of Sprint, Target, Team and Countdown rounds. The contest will be held at in , and the cost will be per student. The approximate schedule will be as follows:
  • Doors open; please do not enter the building before this time
  • to Check-in open
  • to Testing
  • to Break
  • Countdown round and awards (usually takes about an hour)
Please note that at some of our larger contests (particularly in the Bay Area), the countdown round typically starts as much as half an hour later than listed. This is largely a function of how many students neglect to prepay their entry fees and must check in manually on site. By prepaying your entry fees you help us start earlier AND you don't run a risk of your registration being canceled if the contest reaches capacity. In situations where a contest sells out (for instance, most of our Bay Area contests sell out a few days before registration closes), some students who have not prepaid may be notified before the registration deadline that their registration has been canceled in order to make room for students who are prepared to prepay their registrations.

The contest is located at () in ; a map and directions are available here.

Prizes will be given to the top students in each grade level, as well as to the top teams. Students are expected to bring their own pencils and calculators.

Every group of up to 12 students that registers for the contest must be accompanied by an adult chaperone who is willing to help proctor or grade tests (this sponsor should be designated on the registration form); note that if you are registering more than 12 students at a time you must supply the names of two adult chaperones on that registration who will help out at the contest. Parents can register individual students and serve as chaperones if necessary, but we recommend that parents check to see if there is anyone else at the school who is planning to attend before registering an individual student.

Click below to register for this contest. Note: Registration deadline is 3 days before the contest date.

State or country in which your school is located:

Practice tests are available for purchase at the store if you would like to prepare for the contest (one set of tests is available for free download on our site as well). Further questions can be directed to or 415-662-8454. We look forward to seeing you on !
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