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mathleague.org invites your students to participate in our INTER-regional INTERmediate level Series of Educational Competitive Tests, also known as (INTER)2 SECT.

What Is (INTER)2 SECT?

This test series, held in March at several locations around the US, is designed to help top students and teams prepare for state and national MATHCOUNTS. Using tests that are comparable in difficulty to state MATHCOUNTS, students compete against each other at one of several sites.

Each contest will conclude with a local awards presentation. As soon as each contest is completed, results are posted online so students can compare their scores to those of other students they are likely to encounter at state MATHCOUNTS. In addition, once the entire series is completed, students can compare their scores to other students across the nation who will be attending national MATHCOUNTS. We are proud to provide this unique opportunity for students and teams to rank their performance against competitors in other states and hope that this unprecedented level of access to comparative data will help top students and teams prepare for higher levels of MATHCOUNTS competition. Donít miss out on this exciting opportunity to meet students from other schools and check out how your team stacks up against the competition from around the country!

What's New This Year?

Our biggest change for 2018 is to designate our Silicon Valley contest on March 3 as the flagship site for (INTER)2 SECT, in an attempt to assemble the top students and teams in one location. Everyone who has qualified (see How Do I Qualify? below) is encouraged to attend this site, as we anticipate most of the nationally competitive students and teams will be there.

The Silicon Valley site will be hosted in a theatre with assigned seating, and there is plenty of space for all qualified students in the country to participate. We are excited to announce that at this site we will invite the top 32 students to compete in the countdown, which promises to be one of the most exciting events of the entire math contest season! The $20 registration fee will help to offset the higher cost of the larger venue and staffing expenses. In addition, each student will be given an individual packet at the end of the contest that includes the student's tests along with a copy of the solutions (instead of giving one copy of solutions to each school) and a certificate of participation.

In order to encourage more participation from across the country, we will waive the registration fee this year at our flagship site for any participants from outside Northern California who register at least one week in advance and provide an adult volunteer from their school to help out on the day of the contest. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please send an email by February 24 to operations@mathleague.org with the name of your school and contact information for your school's volunteer.

In addition to our flagship site in Silicon Valley, we will also offer a number of satellite venues for (INTER)2 SECT 2018. These locations will allow participants who cannot travel to the Bay Area or who did not qualify for that site to compete. All satellite venues except Missouri are open enrollment, meaning anyone may sign up regardless of whether they qualified to attend the flagship site.

How Do I Qualify For (INTER)2 SECT?

A student whose school is a member of mathleague.org for the school year will be placed on our Honor Roll if he or she participates in a qualifying round (either a local contest or the in-school qualifying test) during the school year and does any one of the following:
  • Earns at least 50% of the available points on either the Sprint or Target round.
  • Scores strictly higher than 80% of the participants in his or her grade at that contest on either the Sprint or Target round.
  • Participates on a team that scores either at least 50% of the available points or strictly higher than 80% of the teams at that contest on the Team test.
You can evaluate your students' status by going to our results section and selecting the appropriate contest(s).

In order to attend the Silicon Valley site, a student must be on our Honor Roll for this year as described above. In order to attend the Missouri site, a student must be on our Honor Roll for this year as described above AND attend school in Missouri. Honor Roll qualification is not required to attend any of the remaining sites.

How Can I Sign Up For (INTER)2 SECT?

See below for a listing of our (INTER)2 SECT sites for this year. Click on the site you plan to attend for more information and a link to register.

If your school is not already registered for the official MATHCOUNTS competition, make sure to get involved in that program. MATHCOUNTS can be found at www.mathcounts.org.

[Note: mathleague.org is not affiliated in any way with MATHCOUNTS. MATHCOUNTS is a registered trademark of the MATHCOUNTS Foundation.]

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